Mr. White - Solving your problems

Solving problems has been our profession since several years. We can assist you in almost any situation. Simply say what you want us to do and we will tell you the details!
We have specialized personell for almost every situation.

You need a permanent solution for one of your opponents?
Or is there someone who needs to learn a lesson?
Maybe you need to have something transported discretely?
Or do you require to get information out of someone?

Then you should contact us!

If you want to get in contact with us there are some things to clarify:

  1. We are no scammers so do not contact us with any fake requests!
  2. We only want to know information about the job and do not want to know anything about you!
  3. We only communicate via encrypted e-mail. So for your and our security only send us encrypted mails. Everything else will be deleted!
  4. As e-mail subjects are not encrypted ensure that the subject is discrete!
  5. Payment is always done in Bitcoin!
  6. We do not accept escrow. You have to pay a part of the price in advance, as we have to travel, buy equipment and so on.
  7. We do not accept politicians or celebrities as targets!

Contact us via:


The following prices are exemplary. As every job is different (sometimes easier, sometimes harder) we can not tell you the exact price until we know details about the job. And it should be obvious, that removing a drug-addicted nobody is easier than a wealthy businessman.

Type of jobApprox. Price
Beating€ 3,000
Rape€ 3,000
Fake a crime€ 4,000
Assassination€ 7,000
Bombing€ 10,000
Kidnap (torture)€ 20,000
Digital AttacksOn request
TransportationOn Request


We do not work on several jobs at a time. Due to this it may take some time until we start with your job. Details will be told after receiving the location and the type of job.